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Dangerous Goods

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Dangerous Goods

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Grade 1 Instructor   1  
Total hours 16,500
Hours flying piston 10500
Hours flying turbine 3000

1981 'Magoura' Station
Normanton, Qld
Mustering Pilot

1982 - 1983 Heli-Muster Pty Ltd

'Victoria River Downs' Station, N.T.
Mustering Pilot

1984 Pacific Helicopters Pty Ltd
Papua New Guinea
Line Pilot - Long Line Sling Ops.

1985 - 1987 Heli-Aust Pty Ltd
Darling Harbour Heliport, Sydney NSW
Chief Pilot - Administrator

1988 - 1989 Chopperline Flight School

Caloundra Qld.
Chief Pilot - Grade I Instructor

1990 - 2015 Blue Tongue Helicopter Services
Maroochydore Qld.

Director / CFI / Chief Pilot / ATO / Grade I


Aviation was by no means a stranger to Graeme Gillies. His grandfather, Norman Gillies in 1912 built one of the first aeroplanes for the Australian Air Force on Point Cook during WW1. His father, Ron Gillies was a distinguished 10th Squadron Wing Commander flying Sunderland flying boats for the RAAF based in England during WW2. Ron later flew the same aircraft for Ansett from Sydney's Rose Bay to Lord Howe Island where Graeme spent many years growing up. His mother Noreen, was a course plotter for the WAAF where she and Ron first met. Graeme's uncle and cousins all flew for Ansett and now between all the pilots in the family, they have collectively flown for over 200 years racking up over 80,000 hours.

The Air Cadets in Sydney was the first flying experience Graeme became involved in but chose not to follow in the family's footsteps. He traveled the world and gained many different and varied experiences. A guaranteed position in the RAAF was handed to him but this was not to be - much to his father's disappointment. The aviation world would have to wait.

Graeme only decided to get into the crazy world of helicopters in the late 70's when a mate in America suggested he give choppers a go. Being both young and adventurous, he thought, 'WHY NOT ! !' and his passion for flying began. There were not too many flying schools in Australia at the time so most would-be pilots headed to the States. A year later he headed back to Australia to conquer the helicopter world but alas, that was not to happen immediately.

He was advised to head north so he borrowed an old bomb car and stuck some new tyres on it and headed up to Queensland. It didn't look too good for a while and he started to think it was a big waste of time. Sitting in a pub in Mt. Isa a bloke started talking to him and before long, Graeme had a phone number of another bloke from a station near Normanton who needed a pilot.

This seemed to be too good to be true, but after a quick phone call, the job was his. His helicopter career had finally begun. Graeme still travels to Heli-Muster NT every year to do check and training, endorsements and whatever needs to be done. As an A.T.O.he also travels to many locations doing Flight Tests for other Flight Schools.


Aerospaciale AS350B
Bell 204
Bell 206A&B
Bell 206
Bell 47G; 47J & 47T
Hughes 500D
R22 & R44
Enstrom F280
Rotorway Exec 90 & 162F
Sling, Water, Mustering
Approved Pilot Mustering Endorsements